Eccleston and Wolf attorney, Stacey Moffet, presents with Bar Counsel on sexual harassment and related claims in the law firm setting.

On May 4, 2018, Stacey Moffet, along with Bar Counsel, Lydia Lawless, were presenters at the Bar Association of Montgomery County, Maryland’s 124th Annual Meeting & Law Day Celebration on “Sexual Harassment: Ethical Implications and Law Firm Practices.”  The presentation addressed the ethical implications of sexual harassment and related claims in the law firm setting… Read More

Vicarious Liability for Design Professionals

Vicarious Liability Defined Vicarious liability or “imputed liability” is the tort liability that a person or entity has for the acts or omissions of another. Vicarious liability of a principal can result from the acts of independent agents, partners, contractors, and employees. The most typical example of vicarious liability is in the employer-employee context.  Vicarious… Read More

Succession Planning

Every bar association has repeatedly encouraged attorneys to plan for the cessation of their practice caused by their death or disability. All too often, this advice is ignored. While certainly such neglect can be a source of concern and conflict for an attorney’s survivors, the most deleterious, even catastrophic, effects are on the attorney’s clients…. Read More

Eccleston and Wolf Attorneys Selected for Inclusion in Maryland Super Lawyers Publication

Eccleston and Wolf is proud to announce that eleven of its attorneys were selected for inclusion in the 2018 edition of the Maryland Super Lawyers Magazine.  Seven principals were selected in the primary practice area of Professional Liability Defense, including Al Frederick, Ed Hutchins, Gregg Viola, John VanderWoude, Shirlie Lake, James Dickerman and Jeff Bredeck. … Read More

Offers of Judgment after Campbell-Ewald v. Gomez and Fulton Dental LLC. v. Bisco Inc.

Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 68, Offers of Judgment, is a procedural mechanism that is used by defense counsel to resolve cases and avoid litigation. The purpose of the Rule is to encourage settlements. Rule 68 permits a defendant to serve the plaintiff with an offer of judgment up to 14 days before trial. See… Read More

ABA Ethics Opinion Explains Attorney Duty to Protect Electronic Communications with Clients

In May 2017, the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility released an opinion providing guidelines that practicing attorneys should follow to ensure that communications with their clients are protected, and not subject to cybersecurity breaches. The opinion states that attorneys must make “reasonable efforts” to ensure their client communications are secure. See ABA… Read More