Eccleston and Wolf is honored to have been recognized as the Law Firm of the Year by the D.C. Defense Lawyers Association (DCDLA).  The award was accepted on behalf of the firm by attorney Steve Cornelius at the DCDLA Annual Banquet on June 23 at the Chevy Chase Club, where Eccleston and Wolf was recognized as a significant contributor to the DCDLA.  The recognition was based upon the law firm’s reputation, work towards the D.C. defense bar, impact on the DCDLA’s reputation, and the firm’s participation in, and contributions to, the DCDLA. 

Eccleston and Wolf attorneys pose for a photo after accepting an award for Law Firm of the Year.

With respect to the latter, several lawyers of Eccleston and Wolf are active members of the DCDLA.  Attorneys based out of the firm’s D.C. office regularly participate in DCDLA events, and contribute to publications by the organization, including the Case Law Digest.  Attorney Justin Flint presents the Annual Ethics presentation for the DCDLA and is assisted by other members of the firm’s D.C. office, including Channing Shor.  Justin has served as a Past President of the DCDLA and has held numerous leadership positions within the organization, including serving on the Board of Directors.  Justin is also a past recipient of the DCDLA President’s Award and the DCDLA Lawyer of the Year award for his outstanding contributions to the legal profession and defense bar.

Eccleston and Wolf awarded Law Firm of the Year by the DCDLA.

Eccleston and Wolf is honored to have been recognized by the DCDLA with this prestigious award and looks forward to its continued service to the organization and the D.C. defense bar at large.