Fair Debt Collection Claims

Eccleston and Wolf has extensive experience in fair debt collection claims. The firm has represented attorneys, management companies, passive debt buyers, and other entities sued for violations the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the equivalent State law claims, such as Maryland’s Consumer Debt Collections Act and the Maryland Consumer Protection Act, in both Federal and State Courts.

Eccleston and Wolf’s experience includes defending both Class Actions and individual claims at the trial court level and on appeal. As many of the relevant statutes provide for the recovery of attorney fees for a successful plaintiff, Eccleston and Wolf recognizes the importance of taking a proactive and aggressive approach to determine those cases that are appropriate to explore the pursuit of early alternative dispute resolution.

In addition, Eccleston and Wolf attorneys have lectured to individuals involved in debt collection on the current state of the law and on strategies for avoiding liability and minimizing risk.

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